Star Trek

Probably the longest running Sci-Fi that is constantly pushing cultural norms and shows humanity more like it should be than what it is.

While I'm not a big fan of the Origional series or the recent reboot, Next Generation and DS9 to me are some of the finest Sci-Fi shows to have ever been produced.

I'm not saying that these are without flaws, there are certainly some bits that made no sense in both of them but I really like the way the characters develop in both of them.

I don't think that there is too much more I can say about these other than that if you haven't seen them, go watch!

I did like Voyager as well, at least till the later seasons where it just got silly. Enterprise was good in parts as well, but suffered from poor writing in parts and a lack of consistancy.

Babylon 5

Possibly the best single Sci-Fi series created. It has some quite complex plots but what really sets it apart is how the characters come alive over the course of the series.

Even characters who seem to be very minor where given proper personalities and often come into their own later in the series. A good example of that is Vir who is just a minor functionary of the Centauri republic at the start. He becomes on of the major characters later on.

Its the combination of the characters and the situations that they are put in and how they respond in which make this show so good. They really put a lot of effort into the different races and giving them their own individual characters.


One of the most recent Sci-Fi cult classics, due to lack of advertising and a poor slot, it had poor TV rating which led to it been cancelled.

However after it came out in DVD it has gained a massive following due to it's combination of humour, an excellent plot and really good characters and the interactions between the characters.

Its kinda of wild-west/sci-fi mix but its the way the characters interact that really set this show apart. There was also a film made to wrap everything up as well which is also well worth a watch.

Space Above and Beyond

A very dark and gritty sci-fi set at the start of a war vs an alien race known as the Chigs.

It tries to be quite a realistic portrayal of war, but deals with several issues quite clearly, for example it deals with issues of racism via a type of people called 'tanks' who are artifically bred humans who were made to fight wars instead of normal humans.

It follows the WildCards squadron from them first enlisting into the military right to becoming established and well respected vets.

Its probably not everyone's cup of tea, but features some quite good acting and is well worth a watch if you like a more serious, realistic type of sci-fi.

Sword Art Online

This is a Anime show, showing a group of gamers who basically get trapped in a VR game by a twisted game designer.

It was based on the series of light novels by the same name by Reki Kawahara.

Its more than just your normal anime as it goes quite into the psychological issues of a group of gamers who have basically been thrown into a life or death situation as they attempt to complete the game to escape.


One of my guilty pleasures, Naruto is quite a silly Anime show, its mainly intended for younger views (12+) but can be quite fun.

Its based in a fantasy world where ninjas have special Chakra based abilities which range from walking on water or up walls to hypnotising the entire world....

It follows the story of a young ninja called Naruto as he trains to become a ninja and is into it's third series now, each series been several hundred episodes long, so its not a quick watch!

Its a fun inspiration tale althrough its not particually deep, its a good show to relax to.

Marvel Universe

I'm sure everyone knows about the Marvel cinematic universe. I used to read the comics as well but now they have converted them to films which I quite like.

While they do struggle with consistancy, mostly with characters like Thor who go from been extremely powerful to been quite weak depending on who he is fighting, they have done quite a good job portraying the different heros.

They do struggle with the writing and characters in places, as well as dealing with characters they can't introduce due to licensing, but overall the films are quite good and well worth a watch.


This is a medical sitcom, while centered around an Intern called JD, is as much about the other characters who surround him.

The sense of humor this show has is great althrough it can get slightly dark in places, been based in a hospital, they don't shy away from the more delicate issues of death or mental illness, some of the characters are very blunt about them without however been cruel (mostly!).

Unlike a lot of sitcoms the character progresion in this is great and all the actors perform their roles to perfection, most notably Donald Falson, John McGinley, Ken Jenkins, Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Neil Flynn and Judy Reyes.

The Matrix

This is an absolutely classic film that incorporates both an excellent story, characters and action all in one film, which few films manage to do.

While the sequels unfortunatly didn't come anywhere near the standard set by the first film, they aren't too bad on their own, but were kinda a let down after what the first film led us to expect would be coming.

Morphesus and Neo in particular were unforgottable characters who have spawned many memes about them.


  • South Park
  • Farscape
  • Bleach
  • Fairy Tail
  • Full Metal Panic
  • Yes Prime Minster